Identification of Stakeholders

Pou Chen referred the five principles of the Stakeholder Engagement Standard AA1000 SES 2015, namely dependency, responsibility, tension, influence, and diverse perspectives and, based on the interaction frequency and operating significance, be identified into eight categories of key stakeholders, namely shareholders/investors, customers, competent authorities, employees, suppliers, the media, communities and Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGO”).

Dialogue with Stakeholders

Pou Chen communicates with stakeholders about their concerned topics through both regular and impromptu meetings, as well as transparent and solid interaction between the stakeholders and the relevant staff. The channels of communication include, but are not limited to, questionnaires, emails, meetings and conference calls for collecting stakeholder feedback and suggestions. The feedback received from stakeholders will be discussed during internal meetings. In 2023, it was reported to the Board of Directors on December 21 as an important reference for the Company’s sustainable development strategy.

Topics of Concern to Stakeholders and Communication Approaches

Stakeholder Topics of Concern Communication Approaches and Frequency
Shareholders/Investors Economic performance, Corporate governance, Market presence, Critical concerns Market Observation Post System and the Company’s website (irregular interval), Convene shareholders’ meetings (annually), Participate in investor conferences (quarterly), Respond via the Spokesperson (irregular interval)
Customers Product quality, Product information security management, Prohibited/restricted substance management, Code of conduct compliance, Information transparency and reliability Business visits/Regular meetings (monthly), communication meetings (irregular interval), Audit feedback/Self-management performance feedback (monthly), Email and phone contacts (irregular interval)
Competent Authorities Corporate governance, Compliance, Critical concerns Corporate with competent authorities to perform various safety compliance checks (irregular interval), Regular declaration form/Official document (monthly/quarterly), Consultation on the motion via visit (irregular interval)
Employees Work stability, Salaries and benefits, Labor relations/Labor rights/Working hours management, Occupational safety/Regulatory rationality, Opinion expression channels, Performance evaluation and promotion system The Company's internal website/Email/Employee suggestion box/Questionnaire (irregular interval), Employee welfare committee/Occupational safety and health committee/Labor union (monthly), Complaints and disciplinary committee (irregular interval), Internal employees’ publications (monthly/bimonthly), Employees-management meetings (monthly/quarterly), Life guidance for employee at overseas production bases (daily)
Suppliers Prohibited/restricted substance management, Fair competition/Quality and price/Supply conditions, Supplier selection and management (quality/sustainable development requirements) Procurement agreement/affidavit (irregular interval), Business communications/Email and phone contacts (irregular interval), Suppliers evaluation mechanism (annually), Suppliers meetings (irregular interval)
Media Operational status, Newsworthy events Press release (monthly/quarterly), Respond via the Spokesperson (irregular interval)
Communities Environmental issues/Compliance, Transportation, Job opportunities, Community welfare outreach activities Proactive visits (irregular interval), External feedback communication windows (irregular interval), Sponsorship of community welfare activities/Communities visits (irregular interval/quarterly), The Company's website (irregular interval)
NGOs Labor relations/Labor rights, Legal compliance, Environmental issues, Communication channels and mechanisms Fair Labor Association (“FLA”) SCI field audit and online platform (annually), NGOs cooperation plans (irregular interval), Communication documents to address concerns (irregular interval), Communication meetings/Email and phone contacts (irregular interval)