As a citizen of the earth, Pou Chen Group believes that the focus of environmental sustainability has become an important topic over the world. By adhering to the principle of conserving natural resources and sustainable development, Pou Chen Group is committed to the effective use of resources and the reduction of the impact on the environment from economic development. As such, the Group has incorporated related environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction, ecological concern, intelligent green buildings into its operational planning thoughts. Environmental and energy saving management projects were launched in different phases for improving overall environmental performance indicators and undertaking the Group’s goal of sustainable development.

By holding the principle of maintaining the balance between environmental protection and production, the Group has already adopted the following measures in phases for environmental protection:

  • Import effective environmental management system, implement the prevention and impact management against environmental pollution, in order to promote environmental sustainability.
  • Follow and comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements, formulate and implement relevant standard operating procedures.
  • Optimize production procedures, promote clean production, reduce the emission of pollutants, implement the management of pollution control, and inspect regularly.
  • Reduce usage of hazardous materials, promote reduction of industrial waste, resources recycling, energy saving and carbon reduction measures, in order to continuously enhance environmental protection.
  • Strengthen education and training, enhance awareness of environmental protection.


Energy saving and carbon reduction Target:
Energy saving and carbon reduction is the direction of the Group's sustainable efforts. Through the establishment of EMS(Energy Monitoring System), and the introduction of energy-saving equipment and system, including lighting system, compressed air system, cooling water system, steam system, chilled water system and processed equipment, the overall energy efficiency enhanced and the production energy consumption reduced, thereby the greenhouse gas emissions decreased. To aggressively improve energy efficiency, the Group developed its energy-saving target as to reduce the average energy consumption per pair of shoes by 7.5% from 2016 to 2020.(unit: million joules / pair).